Amazon Fishing Trips


Known for the highest diversity of fishes in the world, the Amazon River offers around 5,000 different fish species.  Including Water snakes, Amazonian manatee, capybara, peacock bass, stingray, Amazon pink river dolphin, and the feared piranha are all part of this amazing world of water.

Join us for a lifetime experience fishing aboard Iemanjá or Amazon Prince, the finest floating hotels specifically built for fishing in
the Amazon area, with the luxury, comfort and safety to better serve men and women who enjoy adventure fishing trips.

PROMOTION = 9 days/ 8 nights  FOR SALE CAD 2,450.00 /per person (double occupancy)

Note: Prices may change during the national holidays, please click here to check the calendar

Weekly departures from Manaus (Amazon) – Brazil

[gn_spoiler title=”ABOUT THE PACKAGE” open=”0″ style=”2″]

This package includes:

  • Transportation from and to airport/pier   (bus or minivan with air conditioner)
  • 7 days lodging at the Hotel Boat Iemanjá or Amazon Prince (double occupancy)
  • 1 day lodging at The Taj Mahal Continental or Tropical Hotel (according to the availability), both 5 stars, in Manaus on the last day of the trip (breakfast included)
  •  All meals on board: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, appetizers at happy hour, “sashimi” (made with different fishes from the region)
  •  If  weather permits, “Jungle Barbecue” on the last evening.
  •  Open Bar: Beers, wine, Scotch, vodka, Brazilian “cachaça”, cocktails, Brazilian  “caipirinhas”, regional fruit juices, sodas (regular and diet) and bottled water.
  •  5 days of fishing. (Another half day depending on the weather and/or the tide)
  •  Daily laundry service.
  •  Brazilian Fishing License – valid for 1 year (provided by our staff)
  •  Guide service (experienced local guide – English speaking)
  •  All gas, battery recharges and natural baits needed
  •  1 aluminum fishing boat with 18HP gas motor
  •  1 electric motor (for steering) + 2 batteries

Not included in the package

Air tickets, luggage excess fees at airports, extra consumption at the hotel or on the boat, extra transport, tips and fishing equipment.

Extras: Special meals or beverages may be brought in by the participants or ordered before boarding the boat.

[/gn_spoiler] [gn_spoiler title=”Week Schedule” open=”0″ style=”2″]
  • Reception at Manaus Airport
  • Transport to the Hotel Boat with bus or van with air conditioning
  • Check-in at the Hotel Boat and shipping off to the fishing sites
  • Breakfast: fruits, juices, bread, milk, coffee, cocoa, cheese and ham
  • Morning fishing in the fishing boats exploring the river streams
  • Lunch break: regional or international cooking
  • Afternoon fishing at the same or new spots
  • Happy hour: snacks and drinks. (try our “caipirinha”)
  • Dinner: light food, regional or international cooking
  • Fishing
  • Shipping off to Manaus at 12 noon
  • Arrival in Manaus with transport to the Hotel
  • Day off in Manaus with lodging at the Taj Mahal Hotel or Tropical Hotel
  • Transfer to Manaus Airport
[gn_spoiler title=”Amazon Prince Description” open=”0″ style=”2″]

•            1 quadruple suite

•            7 double suites

•            All suites with full bathroom (private) and independent Air Conditioning (with remote control)

•            Satellite phone

•            Dining room with air conditioning

•            Double Deck with solarium, bar service and pressurized shower.

•            Satellite TV and  DVD

•            Piped music

•           International and regional cooking – Complete kitchen

•            4 deep freezers and ice maker

•            Cabins for the crew

•            2 power generators






[/gn_spoiler] [gn_spoiler title=”The Iemanja Yacht Description” open=”0″ style=”2″]

•               8 double suites with 1 double and 1 single bed

•               1 double suite with 2 single beds

•               All suites with full bathroom (private) and independent Air Conditioning (with remote control)

•               Satellite phone

•               Dining room with air conditioning

•               Double Deck with solarium, bar service and pressurized shower.

•               Satellite TV and DVD

•               Piped music

•               International and regional cooking – Complete kitchen

•               4 deep freezers and ice maker

•               Cabins for the crew

•               2  power generators






[/gn_spoiler] [gn_spoiler title=”The Fishing Boats” open=”0″ style=”2″]

10 fishing boats with 18 Hp motor plus electrical trolling motor  with padded swivel seats w / height adjustment.

2 fishermen and one driver per fishing boat






[/gn_spoiler] [gn_spoiler title=”The hotel – Taj Mahal” open=”0″ style=”2″]

The Taj Mahal Hotel is situated in the heart of downtown Manaus with easy access to the commercial center, historical monuments and shopping malls.

Amenities: atop revolving restaurant, outdoor pool, heated Jacuzzi, fitness centre and sauna.

Rooms with panoramic views with a safe, air conditioning, cable / satellite channels and TV

  • 1 day with breakfast
  • Double suite with full bathroom
  • Check-in estimated at 12 noon
  • Option for extra days at promotional rates


meio_t2hall de entrada-1loby bar-1

duplo standard







[gn_spoiler title=”At fishing” open=”0″ style=”2″] •                Light clothes (7 T-shirts, 4 pairs of shorts)

•                2 sun block lotions (SPF 30 or greater)

•                Small flashlight

•                Extra batteries and chargers for all your electronic accessories

•                Camera and lots of rolls of film or memory cards

•                Polarized sun glasses

•                Fishing hat or cap

•                Raincoat

•                Sailing sneakers

•                There are normally no mosquitoes in the fishing area, as the water is too acid; nevertheless a repellent (Off) may be in your fishing equipment.

•                Disposable towels / rags (such as kitchen towels)
[/gn_spoiler] [gn_spoiler title=”Fishing Equipment” open=”0″ style=”2″] •                2 medium-heavy rods (20/25 pounds (5.6 or 6 feet) graphite or similar. (with 4000 spinning reel or bait casting reel)

•                1 pair of fish catch pliers (Boga Grip or similar)

•                1 pair of beak pliers to remove fish-hooks

•                1  pair of cutting pliers

•                1 Trim nail cutter

•                300 yards of 20/25 lbs (0.45mm) fishing line Monofilament (20 lbs Trilene big game is fine) or multifilament (braid line) PE 4 or 5 – about 0.35mm (Spectra)

•                Reinforced snaps

•                Tubular case to transport the rods (1 for 2 fishermen)

•                Pocket knife

•               Hard baits – Top water zaras, poppers, Big Game with tail propellers, sub surface minnows, with Reinforced triple hooks size: 10 to 16 cm.

Suggested baits: Jerkbaits, twichbaits, stickbait  and swimbaits.

•                If you go for Fly Fishing bring #8 or #9 tackle.

•                If you go fishing for big catfishes bring also 1 heavy rod (60/80 lbs) with compatible reel, 500 yards of 0,60/0,80mm fishing line and 7/0 e 10/0 fish-hooks

Note: Please check with your flight company about the allowance for fishing equipment

Air Canada allowance for fishing equipment

When packed separately, each of the following counts as one piece of baggage towards the maximum number of checked bags allowed by your fare type:

◦               fishing rod in rod case + tackle box

◦               tackle bag + reels

◦               landing net

◦               boots

Waivers / Charges: 
Fishing rod in rod case:
 No oversize or additional piece charges apply to a fishing rod in its case if it is carried with a tackle box.
 All other additional checked baggage rules apply.

Packing instructions:

The fishing rod(s) must be packaged in a rigid and/or hard shell container specifically designed for shipping.

American Airlines allowance for fishing equipment


Rods and reels contained in a case and one bag with fishing tackle, landing net and fishing boots.

 Two pieces – Fishing rod case and fishing equipment bag are charged the 1st or 2nd bag rate as applicable. When in excess, each item will be subject to the baggage charge for a single piece.

Maximum Weight and Size

Fishing rod case: 126 inches. 
Equipment bag: 50 lbs., 62 inches

Additional Information. 
For purposes of excess baggage, two pieces count as one item

We can rent all the equipment for peacock bass  for 60,00 Cad / week ( according to availablity)

[/gn_spoiler] [gn_spoiler title=”Personal Use” open=”0″ style=”2″] •                Identification (such as ID card, passport)

•                Brazilian Fishing License (will be provided by our staff)

•                Cigarettes

•                Soap, deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrush

•                Sandals

•                Any medicines habitually taken

•                2 bath towels

•               Power Converter (in Brazil 110V is used, regular plug)
[/gn_spoiler] [gn_spoiler title=”On The Trip” open=”0″ style=”2″] •                Wear a tracksuit with shorts underneath. Manaus has hot temperatures all through the year (Average 26.7 C).

•                In Manaus normally only light clothes are worn.

•                In the hand luggage we take glasses, reels, cameras, etc. Knives and other dangerous materials are prohibited in hand luggage.

•                Normally we take 1 canvas bag for clothing, 1 for fishing equipment and 1 for hand luggage. Avoid plastic boxes as they can break and open during the trip.

•                We place artificial baits in fishing equipment package.
[/gn_spoiler] [gn_spoiler title=”General Rules” open=”0″ style=”2″]

•                The driver responsible for the transfers can’t wait very long, and it’s the leader’s responsibility to assemble the group rapidly for transport.

•                At night fishing do not distance yourself more than 20 minutes from the Mother Ship and return before 10:00 p.m.

•                The small boats are prohibited from leaving the Mother Ship while it is moving.

•                Check prices before consuming extras at the Hotel.

•                All excess expenses for consuming specific preferences will be the responsibility of the individual, as the idea is to share drinks and food among everybody.

•                Rigorously keep departure and return times of the fishing trips

•                Do not offer alcoholic beverages to the helmsman and we suggest not drinking alcohol during the fishing trips. Save the party for after returning to the Mother Ship.

•                Diving into the river should be avoided (piranhas, piraíbas, etc) and if you enter the water always wear sandals.

•                We recommend that sun block be applied before going fishing or prolonged exposure to the sun.

•                We recommend that old clothes (like t-shirts) be taken for fishing as that they can be left there.

•                Be careful with excess baggage. The cost will be for the individual.

•                Cell phones don’t work in the fishing area.

•                During the fishing sessions light vests must be worn.

•                In the event of an accident, return to the Mother Ship rapidly or look for another experienced angler who is nearby.

•                All problems which may arise should be taken to the group leader to be resolved.

•                Try and take everything in good humor and keep the team spirit.
[/gn_spoiler] [gn_spoiler title=”IMPORTANT INFORMATION” open=”0″ style=”2″]

•       Before buying your air ticket to Brazil verify if there is any restriction about transporting rod cases.

•       Get vaccinated against yellow fever at least 30 days before the trip. This is obligatory if you haven’t been vaccinated in the last 9 years. Vaccinations against Tetanus and hepatitis are optional.

•       Medical Considerations – Most of the rivers where we’ll be fishing are black water rivers – that means NO mosquitoes, but the Centers for Disease Control recommend Yellow Fever Vaccination and Malaria. Please consult your physician.

•       Passport/Visa – Nationals from some countries need neither a tourist visa nor a business visa to enter Brazil. Some exemptions are valid for a stay of up to 90 days and travelers that don’t need a visa must present a passport that is valid for more than six months at the Brazilian port of entry. They must also make sure that they have met Brazil vaccination requirements.

The list of exempted countries may change without prior notice and it’s important to check with the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate whose jurisdiction you live in whether your country is really exempted.


[/gn_spoiler] [gn_spoiler title=”PRICE CHANGES POLICY” open=”0″ style=”2″]

Prices may change due to:

• A fuel surcharge imposed by a carrier or the boat supplier; clients will be informed of the additional or revised charges before departure.

• An increase in exchange rate, to the extent that the exchange rate applicable 45 days prior to the service delivery date has risen by more than 5% since the date on which the contract was signed.

• An increase in the Quebec sales tax (QST) and goods and services tax (GST).

[/gn_spoiler] [gn_spoiler title=”CANCELLATIONS” open=”0″ style=”2″]

In case of trip cancellation by the fisherman:

–      Up to 06 (six) months prior to departure: 100% Refundable

–      Between 6 months and 30 days prior to departure: 50% Refundable.

–      For cancellations less than 30 days of shipment: 0% Refundable or send someone else in his place.

Reschedule for another season:

In the case of rebooking canceled and paid trip a fee of 35% of the package will apply.


Please note: Domestic and international flights can be arranged upon request




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