Brazilian Holidays Calendar

New Year’s Day – Brazilians mostly follow the Gregorian calendar, both for business purposes and out of respect to the international community; hence, New Year’s Day of the Brazil calendar 2013 is as celebrated here (and a lot of people say the parties are unparalleled anywhere else) as in other parts of the world that uses the same standard.

 January 1 


Carnaval – Billed as the most bacchanalian of parties worldwide, the Carnival is indeed one of the grandest and most colorful street merrymaking, float-watching and samba-dancing party ever.

February Saturday to Wednesday


Sexta feira Santa

Good Friday –  This day commemorates the passion and death of Jesus Christ on the cross.

Friday, 29 March 


Domingo de Pascoa

Easter Sunday – This day celebrates the triumph of Jesus Christ over death and his resurrection.

 31 March 


Dia de Tiradentes

Tiradentes Day – This day in the Brazil calendar  commemorates the death of a national martyr named Tiradentes (died 1792) who led a movement for an independent Brazil.

21 April 


Dia do Trabalhador

Labor Day – Brazilians also honor the value of labor and its workforce on this day.

1 May 


Corpus Christi

The Feast of Corpus Christi – This day celebrates the presence of Christ in the Eucharist, or the Catholic belief that the actual body and blood of Christ is present during communion. In Brazil, this is celebrated with carpet-weaving.

 30 May 


Dia dos Namorados

Valentine’s Day (Literally, ‘Girlfriend’s or Boyfriend’s Day) – The Brazilians surprisingly celebrate the day of hearts not on the Gregorian day of February 14 but on their own historically significant day of June 12, a tradition formalized in the 1950s.

 12 June 


Dia da Independencia

Independence Day – The reason why the rest of South Americans speak Spanish and Brazilians do not is because of their Portuguese heritage. Or, as Brazilians of the past would have said, ‘colonization.’ Brazil declared independence from Portugal on this day in 1822.

 7 September 


Nossa Senhora Aparecida

Our Lady Aparecida – Being a colony of Portugal, a highly devout country of Roman Catholicism, it is only natural for Brazilians to celebrate their country’s patroness on this day. This day is also known as the Children’s Day.

 12 October 


Semana do saco cheio

Spring Break –  12  to 20 October


Dia de Finados

All Soul’s Day – Just like other Roman Catholic countries everywhere, this is the day when the deceased are commemorated. Candles are lit in graveyards, traditional foods are offered to the departed, and families hold reunions for dinners.

 2 November 


Proclamação da República

Republic Proclamation Day – This is the day in 1889 when Brazil declared itself a republic and no longer the Portuguese Empire of Brazil.

 15 November 



Christmas Eve and Day – Brazilians being devout Catholics, Christmas here is highly regarded not only as one of the most important religious observances in the calendar of the church, but also as a national holiday in the Brazil calendar 2013.

 25 December 


Please note that  if the holiday is:
– on thursday, they also consider friday as a holiday.
– on tuesday, they  also consider monday as holiday.
– on sunday it means monday off
– on saturday, friday off